Video Game #2: Stardew Valley

Ever play Harvest Moon? Ever want a peaceful game with still many adventures and odd turns? Then this game is for you. Stardew Valley comes on computer and Xbox One and is very fun to play. You are given a note by your grandfather and are expected to have a successful farm and life. This game is friendly for all ages.


TV Show #1: Stranger Things

This is obviously a mystery TV show, and you might have heard of it. Yep. It’s Stranger Things. This is a pretty good series, as far as TV shows go. It’s mystery and action, and brings back D&D a few times. It brings in lots of ideas and perspectives of other realms, too. So if you like that topic, you should watch this series.

Movie #1: The Giver

Made after dystopian novel, The Giver, the movie is just like the book! If you’ve read the book and enjoyed it, then I totally recommend it. If you haven’t, that’s OK! It’s always enjoyable to learn about a new book/movie. Though I recommend reading the book first so that its easier to understand. I had someone who thought the movie was gonna be a total rip-off, (like some books that were made into movies) but they actually thought it was OK.

Board Games #1: The Captain is Dead

This game is exactly what it sounds like. The captain is dead, and alien forces are all around you. Each time a player does his/her turn, a new event unravels and you have to solve the problem. If you’ve ever watched Star Trek and liked it, good news, this is the right board game for you! But it doesn’t stop at Star Trek fans, this game is also for people who like teamwork and who are good problem-solvers. I found this game really fun, and I hope you will too!

Video Game #1: Minecraft

Minecraft is a game that almost everyone can play. It has building, fighting, mining, farming, and fishing. It even has levels. Want to build up from the ground but not worry about being attacked? There’s Peaceful. Want to try out having monsters but keep it low-key? Easy and Normal. Want a challenge? Hard. But that’s all Survival. Want to build something you saw in a movie or TV show but not from the ground up? Creative. This video game even has texture packs. It has a little something for everybody.

What Video Games and More is About

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